She is a weak woman, and women do not understand money nor the worth and dignity it has when it has been earned so bitterly hard. The regular sword has much better stats. Dark Souls 2 SOTFS The Pursuer boss fight on PC in 4K and 60fps. It's important to have both a weapon and character level that can deal a solid amount of damage with every opportunity you're given to attack, oth… Greatshields can be used not only to block an enemy but allows player to do shield bash. Consume for 8,000 souls or trade with Straid of Olaphis along with 1,500 souls to acquire either the Pursuer's Greatshieldor the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword. Pursuer's Greatshield is a GreatShield in Dark Souls 2. The soul is used to create a very heavy strength oriented great axe a bit later in the game. Anonymous. Which souls are worth keeping for a melee character? < > Showing 1-15 of 17 comments . The Pursuer is the second boss found in Cardinal Tower, the area you reach just beyond the Forest of Fallen Giants. I tell you that this boss is more tougher than the Last Giant. Register! Old Dragonslayer. After the pursuer is usually the last giant or hiedes towers dragonrider. It can be obtained by trading theSoul of the Pursuerand 1,500 souls to Straid of Olaphis. Pursuers is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. When you think you are ready to face another boss after defeating The Last Giant, you should just head towards the Pursuer boss. knowledge91 6 years ago #3. User Info: Vengeance_Joe. what? I have: Last Giant. The Pursuer can be a very tricky opponent thanks to his lightning fast speed and sweeping attacks which can knock you off your feet. Already spent Giant soul... #2. guy.lateur Feb 5, 2018 @ 3:52am I tend to spend the boss souls that give me weapons that I'm not planning to use any time soon. OZA. Soul of the Pursuer: Roaring Halberd: Skeleton Lord's Soul: Shield Crossbow: Executioners Chariot Soul: Smelter Sword: Smelter Demon Soul: Spotted Whip: Demon of Song Soul: Warped Sword: Flexile Sentry Soul: The second NPC is Ornifex. I found a list of items here, but for a new player (first time playing a game of this series) this is kinda useless. For the Dragonrider's souls, I'd definitely grab the bow. In another twelve years he will be, God willing, a man. The Pursuer is a recurring antagonist in Dark Souls II. The Pursuer 19 Dec 2018 10:08 . Am I missing something? This fight is a one time only appearance, and if you lose or run away he will move on to his boss area further inside the keep. Many seasons had come and gone, and the giant prepared for his final rest. I just got the game a few hours ago and killed the pursuer just now would it be wise to use the soul or get the sword? ChaosBahamut. Jun 5, 2014 @ 8:30am Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword vs "Greatsword" Ultra Greatsword I can't seem to see what is so special about Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword. what? 26 Aug 2016 00:31 . Offending the Lover of your soul, who promises you eternal love, is too high a fare to pay for a ride that has a limited run. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Soul of the Pursuer is a consumable Boss Soul item in Dark Souls 2. I`ll save his soul for later. My char is mainly dex (hit the 40 soft cap already) but I'm starting to level up faith and int for pyromancy and spells . (Great shields replaced parry ability with heavy shield bash) Acquired From: Trading the Soul of the Pursuer and 1,500 souls with Straid of Olaphis ; Hints and tips: This shield offers resistance to curses. But his soul remained magnificent, testimony to his former strength. Pallytime shows you a step-by-step guide to defeating the Last Giant Boss in Dark Souls II as both melee and ranged characters. Not to be confused with The Pursuer. Ryan and Lorenzo give you a full walkthrough on how to kill the Pursuer boss in Dark Souls 2. Men of all ages are apt to set up for themselvesheroes. Vengeance_Joe 6 years ago #4. Reward: Soul of the Pursuer, Ring of Blades. Unlike many of the other boss battles in Dark Souls 2, the best tactic against the Pursuer is to stay away from him. Ruin Sentinel . 1 Biography 2 Gallery 2.1 Images 2.2 Videos 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Although little is known about the Pursuer's history, it is mentioned that he committed multiple sins in the past and seeks to atone for them. He is a mysterious knight who travels by crow and seeks to kill the Bearer of the Curse, presumably to atone for his sins. But I want to ease Daniel’s entry into life, when his years of training and apprenticeship are over. The Pursuer hunts down those branded by the curse, as if each Undead soul that he claims will atone one of his sins. Obtained by defeating The Pursuer in the Forest of Fallen Giants. best. I am against using any boss weapon for souls. Pursuer. Soul of the Pursuer, who lurks in Drangleic. Weapons It's worth it just to check the weapon out. Obtained by defeatingThe Pursuerin theForest of Fallen Giants. Thunder7151 (Topic Creator) 6 years ago #2. bump. 04 Feb 2018 20:07 . It has a pretty decent move set and 390 AR at +5 with A/C in STR/DEX. She is located underground in the Shaded Ruins. Notes: At Normal +5 with 40 Strength and 40 Dexterity the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword has an Attack Rating of 545 (390+155). He is twelve now. Pretty difficult boss but I found a way to kill him less than 7 seconds in 2 hits. Im currently playing a shield/weapon warrior, and I kept all the boss souls. Submit Submit Close. The Pursuer, who seeks the bearer of the sign, will not rest until his target is slain. Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword is a weapon in Dark Souls 2. It has B/D/C scaling in STR/DEX/INT. Sure you can crush them for a few levels, but honestly this game throws levels at you like they are going out of style. Soul of the Last Giant: Soul of the surviving giant, who was bound below the Forest of Giants. Boss 8,000 100% Upvoted. save. The Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword is an ultra greatsword in Dark Souls II. Soul of the Pursuer is a consumable Boss Soul item in Dark Souls 2. im at the bisttle how do you get to earthen peak, im in the bisttile and i cant get to earthen peak, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. Question. Dark Souls Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Reply Replies (0) 0 +1. Then don't worry, I have come up with some cool moves and tricks which will help you to easily defeat him. Opinions? Once you've beaten The Last Giant, you'll receive a key that unlocks doors that will take you to the mist leading to The Pursuer. You have two options of where to fight him in the Forest of the Fallen Giants. Wait until he readies his shield and dashes towards you, then dodge to the right and counter attack with one or two attacks depending on the speed of your weapon. Known as the mightiest of the straight swords, it demands great strength and dexterity of its wielder. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 0-1. Consume for 8,000 souls or trade with Straid of Olaphis along with 1,500 souls to acquire either the Pursuer's Greatshield or the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword. and why art thou… Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me… Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health… But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou… Souls given 0-1. Submit. Not the best weapon, but interesting nonetheless. Anonymous . Ultra Greatsword of the Pursuer. Acquired From . Use the special soul of the Last Giant to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth. How much is your life worth? report. The Pursuer's shield for example I heard makes you float when you jump possibly extending jumps I didnt get it so I … ThePursuer's Greatshield is agreatshieldin Dark Souls II. How much is your love worth? A series of European treaties, oppressive according to our own ideas, but in keeping with the ideas of that age, prohibited the navigation of the River Schelde, on which Antwerp is situated, in order that the commerce of the North Sea might flow exclusively into Dutch ports. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? boss souls worth keeping? TheSoul of the Pursueris a boss soul in Dark Souls II. Submit. A few levels doesn't worth it (for me) Okay. It will often be worth while to establish the system of intelligence in a new direction, while the available apparatus and telegraphs are still in part maintained on the old lines. Anonymous. In some hour of difficulty she would begin to use it, and presently it would be gone. Is the pursuers ultra great sword worth it? I have been putting stats in to dex and strength any other stats i may need? For the Dark Souls II variant, see Affinity. It is their instinct to worship exceptionalforce of character and to follow a leader; but aswe survey the tempest of human suffering we are now moreapt to wonder if there are any great men left in the worldand think that perhaps, after all, we have made a mist… I'm new to the game, and as I'm reaching the end of it (first run), I was wondering what boss souls are really worth turning into weapons/shields/spells and wich ones should I just consume and get some more levels. For Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Pursuer's greatsword, is it worth it". User Info: Thunder7151. This is a video for the Boss Fight of The Pursuer Guide or Tutorial. Trade the Soul of Manus with Snuggly the Crow. I don't have the Pursuer's soul anymore. This thread is archived. (At the moment I'm about to complete NG, so maybe there's something I've missed?) Don't give up, just gotta make it through the rough patch! Pursuer's Ultra GreatswordPursuer's Greatshield So I would use the souls for the weapons to be honest because some of them are epic. The Soul of the Pursuer is a boss soul in Dark Souls II. share. It starts out with what, 200 damage? hide. I've checked out some of the boss soul weapons and to be honest they don't really seem to be that good. Itcan only be acquired through theArtorias of the Abyssexpansion. User Info: knowledge91. In general, I find it it is a good idea to hang on to boss souls during your first playthrough. Is it worth it to use bonfire ascetic on FoTG and kill him again to get his soul for the sword? You can either face him on top of the battlement terrace, right after you climb up the tree-root to the castle wall. Soul of the Pursuer So you decide. Soul of the Pursuer, who lurks in Drangleic. Use the special soul of the Pursuer to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth." Please see Dark Souls 2: Pursuer instead. However, before you can free her, you need a Fang Key. Lost Sinner. Is there any reason to keep them or just add a bit more to the sole count? I used it true my first playthrough but not in ng+ . Dragonrider. The Dragon Rider soul has a sweet bow bit heavy but very useful in terms of power. 29 comments. There is no Pursuer boss in Dark Souls 3. This must be a test description. Keeping the soul allows you to keep your options open in case you end up … I like the moveset of swords best, but I'm not to keen on using a spear or a halberd. Submit. One of the best bows in the game, especially for a STR build. Flexile Sentry. Are you struck at the pursuer boss in the Dark Souls 2? For the Dark Souls III variant, see Curse Ward Greatshield. Definitely get the sword with the Pursuer's soul. The Pursuer, who seeks the bearer of the sign, will not rest until his target is slain.Use the special soul of the Pursuer to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth.". Sort by. 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Moveset 4 Upgrades 5 Gallery Obtaining the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword requires the player to trade 1,500 souls and the Soul of the Pursuer with Straid of Olaphis. DARK SOULS™ II > General Discussions > Topic Details. For the Dark Souls III variant, see Affinity (Dark Souls III). Bible Verses about the Soul - Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation… Why art thou cast down, O my soul? If you and your man can't soar in the Spirit, when the force of your love for another is tested by the pull or gravity of the world, your union will not be able to survive. Trade the Soul of the Pursuer with Straid of Olaphis Hints and Tips: This great sword's normal attack swings vertically, making it a decent weapon for narrow hallways, and scales with player's strength and dexterity really well. Reply Replies (0) 0 +1.

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