I agree with Geoff, but it looks like it's the other side of the barbed wire so is it yours to cut down. February 2013 . They bounce right back after pruning and seem to grow back faster and thicker than before. Don’t worry if your shrub is not on this list—you can judge for yourself. Is there a product that would suit both Cherry Laurel and Privet hedges? However to avoid the risk of damaging new growth, do not prune in late fall in zones 6 to 8a. The secret to raising big, beautiful, bushy hedges is knowing when to prune them, says Monty Don. They show … Any plant that you’ve had a few years and is starting to get messy or out of control is ready for a hard pruning. So, what should I do about cutting them down for the winter period? These second-most-common shrubs for Greenbelt hedges are less vigorous than euonymus and less likely to be sprawling across sidewalks, but the same principles and practices of pruning apply to them. My question is when and how do I prune to achieve a good strong hedge. The goal is to get rid of the oldest, woodiest stems by selective thinning and "head back" the rest of the plant to one even height. Will the hedge survive? The berries that grow on some varieties of Privet are toxic if consumed by humans, but are safe to eat for birds who are responsible for seed dispersal. 31 Jan, 2008 . Protect stems and major branches. I have a mature privet hedge which runs north/south and is 80 yard long. 0. In a lot of ways, privet is an ideal plant for tall hedges because it grows quickly and can be maintained at a relatively narrow width. Anything commonly used as a hedge works too, such as barberry, privet, and Japanese holly. Depends on what shape you are going for as to the tools you need for the job. New growth pruning. 24 Aug, 2009; Answers. Hi, I have a LOT of Privet hedge, I cut it a few times a year but it takes an age to do. Shrubs that make for good hedges. Petrol was involved, I belive, and the firemen that came to put it it out (We're close to an old folk's home) did more damage to the plots than the fire if truth be told. Unconnectedly, I'm also encouraging the growth of some privet hedge areas (one is a 3 year old row of plants about 4ft tall; the other is an ancient (50 year?) With flowering shrubs and vigorous non-flowering ones (hawthorn and privet) hedge pruning should begin as soon as the hedge has been planted. Heavy pruning to rejuvenate an older plant or control size is best reserved for late winter or early spring. This allows light to reach the bottom of the hedge and reduces the chance of snow damage. Shears are more accurate, which helps for lower hedges. After the first flush of growth, begin shearing your privet, removing all but the first two inches of growth. ... Over the first year, a privet hedge should be watered regularly, usually through means of drip irrigation. Phalaenopsis orchids - species and care in the apartment. Early spring is the time for the first haircut. Are you planning on topiary? While a privet hedge matures, it forms a natural wall-like shape, providing privacy to homeowners. After planting the privet hedge, you need to prune to set the privet shrub's initial shape. October 2013 in Problem solving. Privet. Get safety gear ready to start the process. Cut back the top in the first year, then one side of the hedge in the next year before finally cutting the other side in the third year. Decide exactly how much to trim for maximal health and beauty. Established hedges are pruned after they flower in mid-spring. Shearing of Ligustrum can be performed any time of year, however, to avoid damaging new growth that emerges after pruning, I recommend ceasing pruning two months prior to the average first frost date in your area. Your shrub is multi-stemmed and produces new stems or canes each year. Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. Reduce the height of the plants by about one third. You can renovate a large hedge by cutting right back to the main trunk. The first summer after planting is the most critical time for a newly planted hedge, it really is essential that new hedges have enough water, light and nutrients to establish and grow away well. On formal hedges, create a shape that is slightly narrower at the top. A newly- planted privet hedge will grow and fill in quickly even with a minimum of coddling. You can renovate a large hedge by cutting right back to the main trunk. Name – Ligustrum Family – Oleaceae Type – shrub Height – 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 m) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil – ordinary Foliage – semi-evergreen Flowering – May-June. New privet hedge. Lyn Devon Posts: 16,565. Keep trimming the side shoots until the plant has reached the desired height. Photo by Nancy Andrews. Maintenance pruning – formal hedges. When trimming, make the right cuts. A summary of wild privet facts. The best time to prune privet hedges depends upon the age of the hedge. Privet hedges thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 6 through 8. privet where one side is regrowing after years up against a shed left it leafless). Should I only do one side at a time? Prune it back hard in April if it’s getting too large. Now, before you run for the petrol-powered hedge trimmer, have a pause and think about the needs of your particular hedge. privet hedge pruning first year please? Train a line of shrubs by shearing the row as one shrub to form a hedge. … Remember to trim height and width. I have planted a hedge of privet in mid-November. 2. and I wont have to cut it again till next year? The classic privet is what most people think of as a formal hedge. I know plants have different NPK preferences, but don't know how important this is? rubber Posts: 80. A member of the Ligustrum genus, privet hedges require regular pruning and a moderately temperate planting environment. Balcony . Thereafter, to decide the best time to prune a privet hedge that has been freshly planted, you need to monitor the rate of growth and prune whenever the hedge has grown at least 15 cm (1/2 foot), but no more than 20 cm (8 inches). Prune it back hard in April if it's getting too large. Next year you'll be able to trim it twice. It can handle even the most severe pruning and will bounce right back, filling in even fuller than it was previously. The local oiks set fire to the tall privet hedge along one side of our allotment one year. Light pruning of Ligustrum to remove a stray or damaged branch can be performed any time of year. But if your privet hedge is suddenly sprawling all over your sidewalk, it may be time to get out the pruning shears. Yes -you will struggle to kill a privet and it responds to hard pruning -I would chop that back to half its current height no problem-and rather satisfying to boot. Formal privet hedges may be pruned continually from early spring to late summer. Water deeply and frequently the first year, using drip irrigation. It is about 6ft wide & 8ft high. Initial Pruning in Upright Plants. Privet pruning can be done just about any time of the year. The plants are about hip height. Hi to all, I planted new privet hedges over a year ago. Yew should be trimmed once a year in August or September. Cutting hedges for the first time. Remove damaged branches first. To plant a new privet hedge, create a trench two feet wide and two feet deep, space individual shrubs about 12 inches apart, and bring soil up to the branching trunk. Make sure you’ve tied in the leader (the main dominant stem of the plant) to a cane to encourage the plant to grow up straight. Before winter and the first frosts, Protect your cuttings with a tunnel, a greenhouse or any other means of maintaining them at a temperature between 5 and 10 ° In spring, After any risk of frost, around mid-May, transplant into a larger pot. A year has now passed and all the plants have stared to grow they are about 1 ft high now. They do not seem to be troubled by the pollution in urban settings, plus they are salt-tolerant plants , making them a good choice for a hedge along a street. If I cut it back by about 1ft on both sides and reduce the height by 1ft, all the green growth will be cut off. Lightly prune to one even height in the first year. Formal hedges are the tidily clipped boundary type, comprised of a single species, for example beech, hornbeam, Thuja, privet etc. To plant a new hedge, position the plants about a foot apart in a trench 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep, and mound the soil around the stems. Care of the garden Lifestyle Plants Other Garden Practice Landscaping. Privet hedges tolerate heavy pruning. Care of the garden ; Lifestyle; Plants; Other; Garden Practice; Landscaping; Popular Among Readers. Wild privet is a very beautiful shrub, often used in hedges for its beautiful leafage and its humble blooming. Majeekahead . Basically its needing a trim now but I don't want to trim it now only to have to do it again in a month because its slightly out of shape. The bases are beginning to thicken as well. It is thought that Privet hedges were first cultivated in the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) to … I'm wondering when is the earliest I can cut is so that it will maintain shape over winter (stopped growing).

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