If the saving throw fails, he must choose one of the following results: he gains the fatigued condition until he spends 12 hours resting in an area of dim light or darkness, or he gains 1 sunlight syndrome point. Ancient-born’s hatred for humanity is reflected in their appearance; from birth they are misshapen, sallow, and painfully thin. Stephens, Todd Stewart, and Russ Taylor. In rare instances, dhampirs might gather to form small groups or cabals dedicated to resolving their joint issues. GMs should work with players to decide whether or not sunlight syndrome features in their game. The penalties imposed by sunlight syndrome points apply to this saving throw. Casting Time 1 standard action Components V. EFFECT. Khanstant fucked around with this message at 15:56 on Oct 16, 2020 Oct 16, 2020 01:38 You gain a +2 trait bonus on grapple combat maneuver checks to pin an opponent. Often born in secret and abandoned at orphanages or left to die on the outskirts of town, they tend to live solitary lives as exiles and outcasts. Dhampirs descended from the Vampire King are rare in the extreme. [2], Usually rejected and mistrusted for its lineage, a dhampir is rarely accepted into normal society. Cursed from birth with a remnant of their forebears’ wasting illness, the ancient-born instinctively know both hate and fear in ample quantities. Those who feel the call of the hunt often become inquisitors. Range 40 ft. Area nonevil creatures in a 40-ft.-radius spread centered on you Duration instantaneous Saving Throw Will partial; Spell Resistance yes . ©2012, Jon Brazer Enterprises; Author Dale C. McCoy, Jr. New Pages Ultimately, most dhampirs feel the pull to evil, or at least moral ambiguity, and view those around them as tools and pawns. The initial target was $300,000. While most dhampirs succumb to the innate evil of their undead heritage and devolve into the monstrous fiends depicted by society, a few reject their unholy conceptions, instead vowing to avenge their mothers by hunting the very creatures that sired them. Brought forth by the haughty and brutal moroi, svetochers are renowned and feared for their silver tongues and deadly strength. More often the result of curiosity or experimentation Than mating, the dhampir offspring of vetalas are born with sharp minds and are inclined to ask questions. Lacking the gift of immortality to offset the wasting effect of the curse they are born with, their chalky complexion scars easily and bruises like an overripe peach. ISBN 978-1-60125-150-3 For additional resources, see the Meta page. Hardship and suffering fill a dhampir’s formative years. At the Worldwound, an inquisition is raging in Kenabres, seeking to find and stamp out evil, and the borders of the planar tear itself are continuing to expand, to the fear and dismay of neighboring nations. They share an affinity for those half-breeds whose sinister ancestry also sets them apart from human society, particularly tieflings and half-orcs. FAQ. While some speculate that dhampirs result when mortal women couple with vampires, others claim that they form when a pregnant woman suffers a vampire bite. Traveller SRD | Design Finder 2018 [1], Most dhampirs are tall and slender, possessing physical grace and unearthly beauty. The half-living children of vampires birthed by human females, dhampirs are progenies of both horror and tragedy. Ru-shis are often mathematically or linguistically gifted, though some cast aside such natural gifts, bitter and scornful as they are of anything that might remind them of their monstrous forebears. Individuals acquire the cultural beliefs and teachings of the regions in which they grew up, and adopt additional philosophies over the course of their complex lives. | The Modern Path SRD Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Adding a level generally gives you new abilities, additional skill points to spend, more hit points, and pos… In any case, an alliance with a dhampir almost always leads to an ill-fated conclusion. If they are not chased from their homes by the time they hit puberty, nosferatu-born usually leave of their own volition as soon as possible. Les dhampirs ont peu de compagnons proches, sinon aucun. Physical Description: Tall and slender and with well-defined musculature, dhampirs look like statuesque humans of unearthly beauty. Side note, I think being a tiefling or dhampir will be interesting in this game. Meet Dhampir, a half-human, half-vampire born of darkness and an heir to two birthrights. The half-living children of vampires birthed by human females, dhampirs are progenies of both horror and tragedy. -1 penalty on saving throws against effects that damage, drain, or reduce physical ability scores. Downloads | Fudge SRD Humans view them with a combination of fear and pity, though such feelings often devolve into hatred and violence. Known as ajibachanas, they are forceful and precocious, but their progenitors’ distaste for the devout is mirrored in their weakness around holy or unholy sites. They tend to move with unworldly fluidity, and have a piercing gaze. As far as I can tell, Damper are a "featured" race, along with Aasimar, Catfolk and others. While eye colour, skin hue, and hair colour resembles that of the mother, they also possess a ghostly pallor which people find unnerving. They are unnatural creatures, and the foul influence of their undead heritage makes an evil outlook difficult to overcome. Dhampirs who can trace their heritage to moroi are known as svetochers, and they inherit much of the unnatural charm and beauty exhibited by their vampiric forebears. | 5th Edition SRD Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Similarly, dhampirs bear a deep-seeded loathing for living creatures, their hatred planted by jealousy and fed by frustration. Considering that there are already the undead bloodline for sorc and an undead companion, i don't think that an dhampir will be hard to implement. bassicly i'd want to make a dhampir using the tiefling body model with the grey skintone While not true fangs, these teeth are sharp enough to draw blood, and many suffer a reprehensible desire to indulge in sanguinary delights, despite the fact that the act provides most no physical benefit. Even in relative youth a nosferatu is so terrible to behold that any such coupling must be the result of arcane manipulation or insanity. If the character gains a sunlight syndrome point, he takes no immediate ill effects, but he takes a –2 penalty on saving throws against sunlight syndrome for as long as he has 1 or more sunlight syndrome points. Their movements are typically stiff and awkward. Abuse from their disgusted peers wears deep on ancient-born’s skin thanks to their physical weakness. DESCRIPTION. Other humanoid races, such as dwarves, elves, and halflings, simply shun them. -1 penalty on saves against effects that deal positive energy damage. Jiang-Shi-Born: This is the obvious choice for a dhampir Wizard or Witch, giving you a bonus to Intelligence and trading the penalty to Con for a penalty to Wisdom, which you probably won’t care about if you’re an arcane caster anyway. | PF2 SRD. [2], Most of the dhampirs encountered in the Inner Sea region are related to the common vampire, also known as the moroi, but since there are other, related vampire species around the world, there are also other varieties of dhampirs.[4].

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