Each participant in the session will have a “Contact Me” link next to their name. Will I still have a meeting? The 2020 Leadership Conference is going virtual. All business meetings will take place virtually. November 19-22, 2020. Business meetings will take place throughout the month of November. Most internal communication summits and conferences … Registered participants will be able to access these videos via the online program. Yes. We encourage session submitters and participants to engage in conversation regarding the various options available to them and make decisions together about the best path forward for a session. Louisiana State’s Tina Harris Honored by the National Communication Association. In spite of unprecedented and difficult circumstances, thousands of Communication scholars from all types of institutions and all stages and types of careers submitted materials for the convention earlier this year. I am looking forward to joining you for the 106th Annual Convention of the National Communication Association! Will we still have a business meeting? Take part in sessions pertaining to your areas of focus and also take part in sessions outside your areas of expertise. OCMC 2020: AN ONLINE CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 TO SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2020 Indianapolis, Indiana. Information on how to access sessions will be posted to the online program. The interest group is especially seeking essay submissions concerning argumentation theory and criticism. Registration is open. Please expect information specific to your committee/task force in the coming weeks. How do I create my session? To learn how to add sessions to your schedule and access on-demand and live content, watch the video below or view this handout. Once your form is submitted, if the session will take place synchronously, NCA will create a virtual meeting and add the link to the meeting in the online program. Association for Chinese Communication Studies Association for Communication Administration Association for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine Do I have to convene the session at the time scheduled in the program? Without you, there would be no NCA convention! All NCA presentations are the intellectual property of the presenter. Individual paper, film, and performance sessions; Great Ideas for Teaching Students (G.I.F.T.S) sessions; and Scholar to Scholar sessions will be asynchronous and available beginning November 1. You can find information on free text-to-speech programs here. The submission would be subject to the review process. Requests for transcription of a pre-recorded video can be submitted up to December 1. Association for Chinese Communication Studies Association for Communication Administration Association for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine Basic Course Division Black Caucus Caucus on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns Chinese Communication Association Individual performance, individual film, and individual paper submitters (to include Great Ideas for Teaching Students [G.I.F.T.S] and Scholar to Scholar submitters) are invited to upload a pre-recorded, asynchronous presentation to NCA Convention Central. How do I find contact information for my session participants? All synchronous sessions will be held in Zoom. NCA staff will work with committee and task force leaders to schedule virtual meetings. Submitters of panel discussions, paper sessions, performance sessions, and film sessions are invited to work with presenters to host their sessions virtually. —David T. McMahan, NCA First Vice President, Missouri Western State University, Praxis: Communication in Communities of Practice, Presidential Address and Awards Presentation, Best Practices for Virtual Engagement by Presentation Type and Role, Sponsor, Exhibitor & Advertiser Information. Founded in 1948 by Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer, NCA was the first cheerleading company and credited with many other “firsts” – the first cheerleading camp, spirit stick, pompon, cheerleading uniform company, All Star National Championship, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges to hosting the traditional NCA Annual Convention. Click here for tips for making the most of a virtual presentation, as well as a list of programs that provide automatic captioning. This section is for session chairs, presenters, and attendees who would like to learn more about using Zoom. If my work was accepted for presentation, do I have to present virtually? Registration is open. Friday, September 11, 2020. Session recordings are purposefully not available to download, and viewers should not save or record presentations for future use. Outstanding Dissertation Award: African American Communication and Culture Division Will virtual synchronous sessions be recorded? About the National Cheerleaders Association. For ARSTM@NCA and ARSTM@RSA, you may choose to participate in regular programming, pre-conferences, or both. What is the timeline for organizing a virtual presentation? The Job Fair will allow departments with job openings to provide a PDF of their position advertisement along with information on how to apply for the position. NCA 106th Annual Convention: Communication at the Crossroads November 19 - 22, 2020 To receive the discounted member registration rate, membership must be current through Deccember 1. I am very excited about this year’s convention and hope that you have an enjoyable experience, one that renews you, one that inspires you, one that transforms you, and ultimately one that highlights the benefits of gathering together and considering Communication at the Crossroads. However, we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to join your colleagues for meaningful discussions about the latest in Communication scholarship and teaching. NCA’s mission is to advance Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication … Will the Graduate School Open House take place this year? These resources may be helpful in learning to manage security during virtual sessions. Click here for additional information on making the automatic captioning process easier, as well an additional list of programs that provide automatic captioning. If your session will be asynchronous, please indicate this on the form. We also understand that presenting may not be feasible for all participants. We're proud of our great members for their hard work and their institutions for their dedication to SSCA! The NCA Career Center and Graduate School will take place in modified yet still valuable forms. The journal issue will be open access for three months. Though the ECA Undergraduate Scholars Conference was cancelled in April 2020, the group will virtually attend the OCA and NCA conferences in late October and mid-November, respectively. No, online presentation is not mandatory. The Annual is affiliated with the National Communication Association's Basic Course Division. 2016 - Communication's Civic Callings - Philadelphia, PA 2015 - Embracing Opportunities - Las Vegas, NV 2014 - The Presence of Our Past(s): NCA at 100 - … The 2020 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar will be held at Colorado State University. Special events and such annual traditions as the Presidential Address will be synchronous and take place as scheduled (November 19-22) in the online program. This section is for submitters of panel discussions, paper sessions, performance sessions, and film sessions. However, if your session is unable to continue at the scheduled time, you may choose to meet and record your session asynchronously and upload it to NCA Convention Central. The online program is available to everyone who is registered for the NCA 106th Annual Convention. Instructions on how to upload your pre-recorded presentation are available here. Communication at the Crossroads. Yes. Please note that all times are Eastern time. All NCA presentations are the intellectual property of the presenter. The National Communication Association (NCA) is a not-for-profit academic association that serves scholars, teachers, and practitioners in the field of communication.Founded in 1914, NCA advances Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication … National Communication Association honors several Penn State faculty, students November 24, 2020 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State’s Department of Communication Arts and Sciences continues to demonstrate its strength within the discipline by securing two of the most prestigious awards given annually by the National Communication Association (NCA). Convention registration and attendance were up. Any session participant is welcome to coordinate this effort; information for coordinating a session can be found below. Job seekers who are registered for the convention will be able to access this information via the online program. To renew your membership or to join NCA as a member, click the button below. Follow the links to learn more about Schuylkill’s Corporate Communication and Honors Programs. If you are in need of transcription service for an asynchronous presentation, please contact us at convention@natcom.org with the title of the session(s) or presentation(s) you would like transcribed. Live captions will be available for synchronous sessions. What is the timeline for organizing a session? To read the special issue, click here. The results of these efforts are the tremendous paper sessions, panel discussions, G.I.F.T.S sessions, Short Courses, Preconferences, and other sessions found in the program. Research in Progress Roundtables sessions will be held synchronously and an NCA staff member will contact submitters. Call for Submissions. Convention activities were vast, and much energy and … This section is for submitters of individual papers, individual performances, and individual film submitters (to include Great Ideas for Teaching Students [G.I.F.T.S] and Scholar to Scholar submitters). The online program enables participates to view information about how to join/view sessions. News | August 6, 2020 Organizational Communication Division: Congratulations to graduate students Cody Coker (PhD), Benjamin Davis (PhD), Emily Godager (PhD), and Kari Pink (MA), whose NCA paper, “An Assessment of Team Communication After a Leader’s Organizational Exit,” received a Top Student Paper award in this … If your submission was selected for a Top Paper session, an NCA staff member will contact you about presenting that paper synchronously via an online session. Filed in Honors & Awards on December 4, 2020. National Communication Association’s 106 th … 2020-11-16 No Comments Our gradaute student Diego Gomez-Zara is going to present his research on team formation at the upcoming National Communication Association (NCA) Convention. This year’s theme, Communication at the Crossroads, was selected to provide special opportunities to examine and discuss future directions for research, teaching, and the Communication discipline itself, with crossroads symbolizing the connection and convergence of scholarship, choice and direction for research and teaching, and choice and direction for the discipline.

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