From this population, he selected individuals with strong horizontal branching habit and large flowers. Leaves: Deciduous. The white flowers in spring are showy cymes followed by red to black fruit the birds love. plicatum 'Mary Milton'): An upright shrub reaching 8 to 10 feet high and 6 feet wide. Best in fulll sun to part shade, in well-drained soil. Popcorn Doublefile Viburnum (Viburnum plicatum var. 1. Cuttings should be around 8″ – 10” inches long and a rooting hormone should be applied to encourage it to grow. Doublefile Viburnum - Trees Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. The ‘Summer Snowflake’ variety has a long bloom time, all summer and into the fall providing great foliage color which would look great in any garden. Our communities. tomentosum produces small, red berry-like fruit (drupes). Common names of Viburnum plicatum include: The plant may grow to a maximum height of around 10′ – 12′ feet and spreads over an area of 12′ – 15′ feet. As a deciduous shrub, doublefile viburnum has opposite, simple leaves which are ovate, serrate and 2”-4” long. tomentosum. The occasional fruiting with red fruit which eventually turns bluish-black in color. Blooms that are perfect for pollinators and berries that wildlife love. Viburnum may be propagated by using softwood or hardwood cuttings although the hardwood may face some trouble in rooting since the plant cells have become quite rigid at this point. In smaller spaces, gardeners often prune doublefile viburnum, removing the lower branches to expose the trunk and create a small tree-like form. tomentosum. Emerges in early spring. It may, however, cause mild stomachs if consumed by people. Flowers: Flowerheads are cream-colored, flat-topped, up to 5" (12 cm) in diameter. The viburnum plicatum [vy-burn-um, ply-kay-tum] is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Adoxaceae family of flowering plants (previously known as the Caprifoliaceae family) along with the Honeysuckle. Opposite, dark green, 4 inch long leaves are strongly-veined, toothed, with pleated upper surface.Dark green in summer turn a reddish purple in fall. Viburnum doublefile may be pruned after flowering. tomentosum 'Summer Snowflake'):  Compact shrub up to 6 feet high. Doublefile viburnum (Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum) – this startingly beautiful shrub has broad horizontal branches that are covered in spring with large white flower heads that make it look like snow-covered branches. Branches are distinctly layered. It is native to Japan China, Korea, Taiwan, and other temperate regions. In 1954, he crossed an unnamed seedling doublefile viburnum with ‘Mariesii,’ an old, still popular cultivar developed by the James Veitch & Sons Nursery in Chelsea, England. The plant doesn’t have any serious insect or disease problems. plant can dieback in cold winters. Viburnum plicatum var. Eventually, the green leaves turn into beautiful red fall colors. … These shrubs are 8-10' (2.4-3 m) tall and usually somewhat wider than they are tall, and densely branched. The plant requires a combination of full sun and part shade or partial shade in order to thrive. We’ve raised up this beloved shrub on a short trunk, so you can face this beaut eye-to-eye in all seasons. One of my favorite non-native plants. The remaining steps are the same as for softwood cuttings. It is recommended for USDA hardiness zone 5-8. However, it never hurts to practice occasional viburnum pruning each year to maintain shape and overall beauty. $38.99 Viburnum plicatum tomentosum 'Summer Snowflake' Compact, spreading form that blooms throughout the summer months with flattened, white flower heads along the stems. You want to remove any branches that cross or crowd others. Before selecting your fertilizer, test the pH of the soil. Tree Description Scientific Name:Viburnum plicatum var. This shrub needs plenty of elbow room to accommodate those beautiful branches. Gardeners prize doublefile viburnum, Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’ for its strong horizontal branching. plicatum produces no fruit.Viburnum plicatum var. Go to list of cultivars. Great blog, look forward to visiting more. Viburnum plicatum var. With white flowers and attractive leaves, viburnum plants -- usually shrubs -- add color and life to a garden. In the case of this Doublefile Viburnum, it is protected from the north by Carr Hall, from the south by Munroe, and from extreme cold by all the concrete, blacktop, and building surfaces nearby. tomentosum Common Name:Doublefile Viburnum Plant Type:Deciduous Habitat: Originally from Japan and China, the shrub was brought to the USA as a landscaper plant. Viburnum Plicatum has a few landscaping uses, it may be planted as a hedge or to attract bees and butterflies. Doublefile Viburnum (Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Mariesii’) This is a cultivated variety Loved by: Jennifer Hoxsie of Greenhaven Landscapes in Chicago Why this tree: “Doublefile viburnum makes a great accent plant in a relatively small space,” Hoxsie says. Bark/Twigs: Older branches are dark gray or brownish gray-brown in color. They are dark green above, very wrinkled and pubescent beneath. The aim is to ensure the soil they are growing in remains moist and doesn’t dry up. plicatum flowers: Showy, 2 to 3 inch wide snowball-type clusters of white flowers in spring. Dark green leaves are strongly-veined, toothed, with pleated upper surfaces turn a burgundy red to purplish red in fall. The horizontal branching gives a layered appearance. Today I felt loved in such a way that for the first time in a while I felt the Divine wash over a dark region of my heart like a tide of sunlight. Description: This shrub can grow up to 10 feet tall; it is usually wider than it is tall. Viburnum plicatum is not toxic for humans or animals and the fruit is actually a source of food for birds. It will grow from zone 4 to 8, although after a harsh winter in zone 4 it may fail to bloom. Use enter to activate. ark green, 4 inch long leaves are strongly-veined. Viburnum plicatum  var. It grows best in neutral or slightly alkaline soil but will also survive in slightly acidic soil. Oval leaf shape, 2-4” long, 1-2” wide, with a pointed tip, rounded leaf base, and serrated leaf edge. Leaves start out bronze-green in spring, mature to a dark green in summer, and turn wine red in fall. The red fruit in fall is very ornamental and loved by birds. Mary Milton Doublefile Viburnum (Viburnum plicatum var. It needs lots of room in the landscape. A dense, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with somewhat horizontal branching that grows 8 to 12 feet high. Name – Viburnum plicatum v. tomentosum ‘Watanabe’ Family – Adoxaceae (formerly Caprifoliaceae) Viburnum - Doublefile 'Summer Snowflake' - 2 Gal. I see viburnum around here, often mixed with rhodies and hydrangea. Natural Areas Conservation Training Program, Black walnut toxicity (plants tolerant of), Preventing construction damage to trees and shrubs, Trees and shrubs for the four seasons landscape, Sudden Oak Death, Ramorum Blight and Phytophthora ramorum, Eastern United States Wetlands Collection. Your email address will not be published. Leaves turn a burgundy red to purplish red in fall. You can search, browse, and learn more about the plants in our living collections by visiting our BRAHMS website. Mariesii doublefile is a very beautiful shrub, much appreciated in our gardens for its appealing blooming. Watanabe, a doublefile cultivar of Viburnum plicatum Watanabe doublefile is a beautiful small shrub, much appreciated in our gardens for its appealing blooming. Doublefile Viburnum (V. plicatum tomentosum) and its many hybrids have tiered branches that are covered with flat white blossoms in the spring. Dark green in summer turn a reddish purple in fall. Insert half of the cutting in the mix with the lower third going in first. The viburnum plicatum is invasive and may threaten local plant species and animal species. ‘Mariesii’ is a doublefile viburnum noted for its distinctively layered horizontal branching. The pleated, green foliage may develop fall color in some regions. The Best Fertilizer for Viburnums. Dark green leaves are strongly-veined. Stop by, email, or call. plicatum, produces 2 to 3 inch wide showy, snowball-type clusters of white flowers in spring. Ideally, cuttings should be taken after a rain shower. Make sure the mix remains moist throughout the rooting stage. The word “plicatum” has Latin roots and means pleated as a reference to the plant’s texture. Use up and down arrow keys to explore within a submenu. The following menu has 3 levels. Spellbound is a punny name for this handsome doublefile viburnum - the plant was discovered as a seedling in the garden of Kevin Spellman in Wisconsin (a hint to the cold hardiness), hence, Spellbound. Doublefile viburnum or Japanese snowball viburnum, Viburnum plicatum var. Our future. tomentosum flowers:  Up to 4 inches in diameter, large sterile flowers surround central ring of small, fertile flowers. Use up and down arrow keys to explore within a submenu. Flowers are white mopheads that start out green, then open pure white. Plants can occasionally winter kill to the ground. Learn How To Care For Lithodora Diffusa Plants, Cat Whiskers Plant Care: Tips On Growing The Orthosiphon Aristatus, 13 Home Improvement Ideas for Anyone on a Budget | BiggerPockets Daily. This plant has some cultivated varieties. Flowers on last years wood, prune after flowering. Although this shrub is well suited for the Midwestern landscape it can occasionally winter kill to the ground. Look for white-flowered plicatum, produces 2 to 3 inch wide showy, snowball-type clusters of white flowers in spring. Doublefile Viburnum: Plant: Large, often irregular shrub or small tree up to 30' (9 m) tall, but usually 12-15' (3.7-4.6 m). Viburnum plicatum tomentosum - Doublefile Viburnum is a deciduous shrub with a stunning display of white flowers in early Spring. Fall color is red to purple. Labels: Doublefile Viburnum. toothed, with pleated upper surfaces. The Morton Arboretum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on the generosity of members and donors. tomentosum 'Mariesii'): An old-fashioned shrub reaching 10 feet tall, with layered horizontal branches. Posted by The Giraffe Head Tree at 2:28 PM. 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